e-License download

Having a problem with e-license download. I know it’s me need help

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Is it possible that you’ve posted your message in the wrong forum?


I have been trying to get a download for the free Halion. Once I do that I can get the LowFi keyboard sound unit I believe. Sorry I am new to this lol

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In this forum, you are welcome to discuss and ask questions about Cubasis for iOS and Android.

This is the link to download the LoFi Piano:

To discuss or ask questions about our instruments, please visit the Virtual Instruments forum.

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E lisence android just explains on the app that could ve found where on windows… so on android how could we get ?

There’s no eLicenser for Android. What are you trying to do?

Yes… it offers a free roomworks effects . Says to register for get it free. So i registered. Now it asks to enter my e licence number

Tap the “Free” button and follow the instructions shown on screen. Cubasis should then be shown as registered in your MySteinberg account.

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Hi … am i not clear … thats the thing i said… its just asking me e licence … there no way to continue i sent you the images … i click on where to find thos number… it shows on windows pc…

If it was a in charge … i could buy but it doesnt give a way

I just tried it on my Android tablet, I pressed the Free button, I’ve got redirected to the mySteinberg site to login and that’s it. After that the plugin is registered and now active.
Where does it ask for the eLicenser? I can easily add it to a track and it works there, no question for licenses.

Hi i ve a problem with cubasis on my phone android +1 Nord 2003…
The application from the right side of the screen can’t see some small distances. That’s why I can’t use the app full screen. Help me please

17 Ara 2022 Cmt ÖS 4:34 tarihinde MySteinberg Account Info <noreply@my.steinberg.net> şunu yazdı:

İ solved its because the menu option of front camera I’ve disabled hide then it’s ok .

17 Ara 2022 Cmt ÖS 4:38 tarihinde Saffit Safficate <ssafficate@gmail.com> şunu yazdı:

Glad to read you’ve solved the issue yourself, @ssafficate!