E-License issue


I recently installed Cubase 7.5 and downloaded the latest update. When i tured the system on to work with a podcast Cubase asked me for my license and then the E-licenser…But I just did this two days ago, I thought and did as instructed. Then a message came up that the license was already in use… I cancelled the whole process and Cubase started up. Puzzled I just starter working. Then I needed to add a usb drive into my computer and I had to remove the E-licenser as I have a limited number of ports. Bang! Cubase stop working and ask for the licenser. So my question is this, does the licenser have to be pluged into the usb port at all times??

It certainly does if you wanna use Cubase

simple answer: Yes.
Buy a cheap usb-hub to increase the number of available usb-ports and that should fix your issue.
The dongle works fine when inserted on a hub.

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Thanks for replies :slight_smile:

Although most hubs work fine indeed, I would recommend to use a hub that comes with its own (“external”) power supply; USB-hubs that draw their power from the USB itself might run into power shortage situation when many devices are connected.