Hey All,

I write my music in Logic X and mix it in Cubase Elements.

I have been using the Retrolouge synth by Steinberg in all of my songs for the last few years, for some reason it won’t open anymore … Says its not registered and to check my E-Licenser. Everything seems above board, my E-Licenser says its licensed and my Steinberg account say’s its activated … But it just won’t open, not in logic, cubase, pro tools.

My mac is MAC OS Sierra 10.12.3

I bought the Retrolouge and really love it, its in a lot of sessions

Any help would be great


Do you have the latest version of the eLicenser software?

I deleted the old eLicenser after reading your comment, the new eLicenser downloaded but won’t open?

Do you know of any issue with Sierra and Steinberg products? My version 7 of cubase wont open either


I just got the new eLicenser working after rebooting my computer, Still not working when I try to open the Retrologue

Says to check my eLicenser