E License

I’ve bought a spare USB Dongle in case my working dongle fails.
Should i register this dongle now on My Products or wait until the working dongle fails ?

I just replaced an ancient mark 1 dongle with the latest mark 4 version, it speeds loading of Cubase and some vsti by quite a bit. So if your existing dongle is very old, then make that your spare and enjoy faster processing in places.

Useful topic here:

…and here, well down the page, there is a graphic showing each type of dongle and explanation on how to move licenses (which is very straightforward)

Thanks. It says to just hang onto it.
Mine are both new dongles but i’ll put one away just in case.

I would recommend to register all your eLicenser devices anyway.

Hi Dirk, Even though it’s an empty dongle ?

Well, it’s sitting there, waiting to be used in an emergency situation, like when the other device ist lost or stolen.
If an emergency situation occurs, I wouldn’t want to have to remember registering my new device, so… yes, I would register it as early as possible :slight_smile:

Good idea. Thanks Dirk