e-licenser: Application Audio Alignment Component error

I did install Cubase Pro 10.5 on my just received “SCAN UK” new daw aimed machine.
I did a e-licenser maintenance passage to update dongle in respect to this new pc.
When I start cubase pro 10.5 after few secs it reports the error “eLicenser Control - Application Audio Alignment Component has caused the following error: Connection To Protection Device Lost”). After this, if I continue the startup of Cubase, I obtain unpredictable results, in most cases with Cubase stopping to work while loading a project, or when I work in it.
I’ve tried to delete e-licenser app, and reinstall, executing the maintenance: nothing has changed
Support areas and forums relates this error to something requiring a dongle replacement (in effect I use a quite old blue dongle): I’ve ordered a new dongle, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do to effectively fix the issue
Can you help me to overtake the situation ? I’ve asked a week ago to the Steinberg support, but no one yet answered despite I’ve uploaded additional screenshot and highlighted this issue as problem (I’m blocked)
many thanks in advance

Pier Paolo

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Application ‘Audio Alignment Component’ has caused the following error:

Connection to protection device lost.

Same problem here. New dongle? Mine is year old also.