E Licenser broke?

Hi all, I’ve just bought a UR22C which comes with a downloadable version of Cubase AI. When I try to put the code into e licenser it comes back with

‘A connection to the license server could not be established due to incorrect network settings or because the license server is currently not available’.

I’m running Windows 10 and have tried disabling my virus protection and firewall to no avail. It comes up with the same message if you try to run Maintenance on it as well. Any one got any ideas as the UR22C is pretty redundant without the software.

the server is down at the moment

Many thanks. How do you check if the server is down?

they posted on FaceBook, probably on twitter to

:+1: Thanks for that.

Anyone know of any updates to the elicenser site? Still down after 24 hours. First time I’ve used Steinberg products and I’m not impressed. Sitting here with several hundred quids worth of kit that is useless at the moment. Is this normal for Steinberg? If so the lot is going back.

not normal no,
have you tried unplugging it and replugging it?

As in? Reinstalling elicenser? I’ve tried that, no joy.

Please see this topic:
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