E-Licenser broken - what to do?

Hey guys.
I’m sorry if this is the wrong place, i’m just not a techy person and tried my best looking for this topic, but found nothing.

My e-licenser is not entirely broken, but a bit worn out and lately is not recognised unless i hold it up a little (which i can’t keep doing while recording and editing music of course). so i’d like to exchange it for a new one. do you know at all what i have to do in this case? I did register it on MySteinberg. Last time it took the e-Mail support months to answer, that’s why i’m posting it here. Surely someone must have been in a similar situation?
All help appreciated.

1.Buy another Steinberg key
2.update elicenser software
3.Plug both keys on the same computer
4.Transfer your licenses from the older key (just drag and drop)

hey, thanks for the reply, sorry I’m getting back to you this late, i was away for a couple of days.
You mean an empty USB key like this right? https://www.thomann.de/de/steinberg_key.htm
Will try that, thanks.

I’d purchase one right from the Steinberg website. :wink:


Regards :sunglasses:

Also, please do not forget to register all your eLicensers with your MySteinberg account.