E Licenser Control Center bug

Hey everyone,
i have a problem about my e licenser control center and didn’t find any solution about that. when i run the software, i can’t see anything but my licenses, i mean, software have no texts, buttons, and all fields are empty. i tried everything (updating, uninstalling, reinstalling) but it is still the same. i’ve uploaded a screenshot from my pc in the attachment.
Please help me :frowning:

And secondly, I have Cubase 5, soon, im planning to upgrade to Cubase 7 so when i can get this upgrade from my local dealer? (Compel Music, Istanbul, Turkey)


Do you have the latest version of eLicenser?

Sure, i have the latest version.

It appears that your control center isn’t finishing it’s launch. If it will allow you to, click the blue button next to the button with the question mark. This should allow you to perform a maintenance task. You have to be connected to the internet to perform this task so it can solve eLicenser and license problems. It also updates your license info and sends it to the eLicenser server to ensure data consistency and identify issues.

It launch the maintenance everytime i start the eLC anyway, I tried, but it’s still same.

Sounds like you need help from Steinberg. Report your problem to them.