E-licenser crashes with Dorico 5

Hi, I know that Dorico 5 is on Steinberg licensing, not the e-licenser, but I quite often have an e-licenser error when opening Dorico, which usually requires a computer restart and running e-licenser repairs. In the past couple of days it’s happened several times (plus Dorico itself crashed once). The only new thing I can think of are that I’m using a template from an XML from someone else - I have no idea if this could affect anything. I also know that I often put my computer to sleep rather than shutting down.

So my questions are (a) do I still need the e-licenser with Steinberg licensing? The products it includes (see image) are mostly superceded; (b) if I do, what is the problem? If I can just remove the e-licenser program, that would be great.

I attach images showing the e-licenser products and the error messages, and a Doroco diagnostics zip file

Many thanks
Dorico Diagnostics 17aug2023.zip (771.2 KB)

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The only product you need an eLicenser for is HALion 6 - you can get Alto Glockenspiel and Dorico SE licences on Steinberg Licensing now, free of charge. If you upgraded to HALion 7 then you could go without eLicenser entirely; in this scenario, I would drag all your remaining licences to your USB eLicenser and unplug it. My now-retired USB eLicenser is in my drawer - all my product licences are now on Steinberg Licensing and my unplugged eLicenser contains all my legacy licences.

Your soft eLicenser is damaged. The Steinberg Support website implies that you should contact Support for help, but maybe one of the Steinberg staff here can help you out.

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As a first step I would ensure you are using the most recent version of Steinberg Activation Manager (1.4.40), as the Steinberg Licensing system does talk to the old eLicenser system, and there are some eLicenser errors that SAM can cope with as of the latest version.

If you are genuinely not using any eLicenser products, there is a way to prevent the Steinberg Licensing system from talking to the eLicenser system at all. You can do this by editing the file %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager\settings.json and changing the line that says "enableELicenser" from true to false. However, in your case this would prevent Dorico or Cubase from being able to use your HALion 6 eLicenser license.


Thanks David - I’ve done as you suggested, upgraded and my elicenser is also in a box. I feel strangely lighter!

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Hi Richard, that’s really helpful. I’ve upgraded to Halion 7, altered the json file as you suggested (and also deleted the elicenser software). I was delighted when Steinberg activation was introduced, and now have finally removed the legacy dongle.

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Would also like to prevent the Steinberg Licensing system from talking to the eLicenser system on a Mac running Dorico 5/Halion 7/fully patched macOS Ventura.
On MacOS where is %appdata% in the path:
%appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager\settings.json ?

The equivalent path on Mac is /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager/settings.json

(Note that /Users/yourusername can be abbreviated as “~” so you can abbreviate the whole thing as ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager/settings.json)

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Hi Richard,
Many thanks for your clear explanation for how to disable the eLicenser system on MacOS.
All done.