E-licenser eol checklist

Just wanted clarification on something I read on another forum.

Assuming my elicenser dongle survives out to 2028…so that I can continue loading old versions of Cubendo as I can now…

should I also be sure to download and safekeep (right now) a few copies of the elicenser installer itself?

As in…if I do a clean install of windows in 2028…I’m gonna also need to install the elicenser windows installer (even though no more server)…so that my perfectly-working dongle will be successfully recognized by windows…before I proceed to install the older cubendo programs (which I do have all the installers for).

Am I correct on this?

Little things like that would be helpful to know now :slight_smile:

The eLicenser Control Center is the piece that can ready the USB eLicenser so it will stay.

It is automatically installed by the Download Assistent and also updated when you launch the SDA.

That sounds good…as long as that part of the download doesn’t disappear off the overall download assistant on Jan 1, 2025 :slight_smile:


The eLicenser installer might stay available on the Steinberg’s server. But to be on safe side, it’s a good idea to download and keep the latest eLicenser installer locally.

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