E Licenser error has wiped all of my VSTs to unregistered


Everything was fine last night while working on a project. There was a windows update that I installed before going to bed. Opened Cubase 11 to continue work today and there was a LCC eLisencer error. I opened the eLicenser and it ran an update and maintenance mode. This resulted in it telling me that the eLicenser was corrupted beyond recovery or repair. It told me to try running it by right clicking on the software. I did this and it opened the eLicenser as an Admin. It ran the update and maintenance function and this time it repaired the eLicencer. I opened Cubase 11 Pro to continue work and all of my VSTi’s and VSTs are now loading as unregisted. Some of them have limited activations and are saying that I cannot register the product due to too many uses. I have tried uninstalling the eLicenser software and reinstalling it but this has not helped

Look if there is an update for the eLicenser software. Install that as ADMIN. Run it as ADMIN and do a maintenance again.
Check if licenses are present on the dongle.
Reboot, start Cubase again.