E-licenser error quits Cubase/Steinberg plug-ins

I’ve just encountered random problems with the e-licenser. Cubase and/or this and that Steinberg plug-in will stop working in the middle of a session because of a e-license error.

Except for debug my USB-hubs (changing to a different usb port on my MBP, unplug other usb devices, get a new usb hub, etc.) what can I do to find the cause?

USB ports often have an option to power themselves down if not being used for a certain time. Check whether this power saving option is enabled (if it is, disable it!).

Thanks, Jenks. I’ll check that out.

That was happening to me before. I think one of my ports ‘died’ on my 2008 Pro. I just switched the key over.

If only it was my old 2008 Pro that was the problem. This is happening on my two months old MBP. If a port is dead I assume I would get an immediate warning when starting up Cubase (?), not like now, where it seem to occur randomly: sometimes on start-up, sometimes two hours into a session.

I have a new hub that I’m going to test this evening and I sure hope that the tips I got from Jenks or a new hub will fix the problem