E licenser Errors on install

I updated Dorico from 1 to 2.
During install i get a weird error saying permissions wrong on file: /System/Library/Extentions/AuthenticationSuppot.Plugin
“Retry” “Ignore” “Cancel” I checked permissions and all ok. I checked folder Hierarchy and permissions ok. Mac OS 10.11.06
Kinda strange.
I chose ignore and it happened on the same error variated 7 more times. Install worked fine.!
I examined the file it said that has errors. It is an Adobe plugin. Also Next to it is Authentication SupportEnabler.plugin. It too came up on errors.
Why would Adobe be involved with Dorico. and if not did Adobe name plugin the same as one needed for Sternberg?

Would;d appreciate any feedback.
Kind Regards

I’ve not heard of this error before. If you experience any problems once you have the software installed, let us know, but provided the software installed correctly and both Dorico and your Adobe applications run OK, then I think you should be all right.

The Steinberg Download Assistant uses the Adobe Air system. And the other day I too came across a bug with so downloading Dorico 2. Could they be connected?

Steinberg Download Assistant does not use Adobe Air: you’re mistaken about that. It uses a different technology called JavaFX.


I beg your pardon - I stand corrected, of course!

I was confusing it with the fact that the Steinberg Download Assistant Setup utility uses aria2.

My apologies for inattentiveness :frowning:.

Aria 2 is also nothing to do with Adobe or Adobe Air, of course.

These are not Adobe plug-ins: they are part of the Mac OS. (Third-party software cannot be installed in /System folder.)
Either your system needs reinstalling, or your system volume may be corrupted. (Or both)

Although Dorico will run on El Capitan, you may benefit in all sorts of ways by keeping your OS up-to-date.

Although it is not possible to alter any Kernel extensions within the “/System/Library/Extensions” folder, due to SIP (System Integrity Protection), it is possible to add new kernel extensions and plugins. They will not be loaded by the system if not properly signed, of course.

So the “AuthenticationSupport” and “AuthenticationSupportEnabler” plugins are part of the eLicenser Control runtime (required to use the Soft-eLicenser).

If you want to use the Soft-eLicenser to download your Dorico license to, these files are needed.