E-licenser guarantee

Thanks for the reassurance that there will likely be a more nuanced position eventually, @dspreadbury. My concern with a rigid “transition only at major version updates” strategy is that I would have some of my Steinberg products stuck on eLicenser for perhaps another two years.

I am glad to hear that the WaveLab team could decide to switch licensing systems at a minor version release if they feel that move is in customers’ best interests. Their position is likely to become clearer once the new licensing system has bedded down, especially once Cubase and Nuendo have transitioned at a future major version update. Of course, I appreciate you cannot speak for other teams, and, for now, it is a case of “wait and see”.

I look forward to the upcoming announcements about Dorico. Thanks to you and the team for your continued hard work and exemplary customer engagement.

Anxiously waiting for those news… :wink:



Stay tuned for tomorrow. To try to tamp down unrealistic expectations: Dorico 4 will not be announced or released tomorrow.


Dorico will jump directly to version 5!!!

Hahah! Just Kidding!

Just in case you’ve missed the other thread or come to this thread days later when the other one isn’t pinned anymore: