E-Licenser,,,How long to wait for Download?

Just Installed Cubase 9 on Win7. Then ran the Contol Centre. I entered the activation code. then i clicked on my e-licenser. The next window said “E-Licenser Download - a license download can take several minutes please be patient” …well that was 5=hours ago…
I can’t cancel it, I’ve clicked the red X but i can’t stop the download.
Only showing about a tenth of the progress meter.

What to do?

Sorry for my bad writing…it’s been a long night.

I think the whole 30 day Trail is not working for Cubase 9, Wavelab 9, Etc.
The activation codes do not pass the Elicenser. I tried one month before or so… It just did not work at all.

The only thing that was Working was the Official Cubase 9 Pro License in Dongle, Wavelab 9 Pro Dongle and Halion 6 Activation by internet on the E Licenser. ALL Trails of Steinberg of C9 and W9 did not work for me, the Elisencer does not goto internet and does not activate at all. So i just bought all the stuff. Maybe that is the new trick from Steinberg to let you buy… HAHAHAAHAHA

Solved :blush:

I read the Troubleshooting guide and it informed me that most eLicencer issues are solved by installing the latest version of the eLicencer Control Centre.

Took about 2 minutes to Download the Licence to my dongle.

This is all false, it was simply user error on your part. Also, since you enjoy pointing out others’ spelling errors, I’ll mention you misspelled “trial”.

This was not False info!

I tried it, i called steinberg on the phone. That was about 10 day ago. Before i buyed the Cubase 9 pro, wavelab 9 pro and Halion 6. I wanted to try this out. I could not, all activation codes for 30 days dit not work or pass. On the phone they tell me to look into that. So it was True. In fact after that i bought Cubase 9 pro and Wavelab 9 pro and the next day Halion 6. I am a great supporter of Steinberg. But if the board members of steinberg are only hunting for mistakes. That is not a real help. I was not given a 30 day trail because it dit not work 10 days ago… Maybe it is working now ? Could be. I just warmed people about it. Only to get SteveInChicago send me some kind of reprimande… Awfull…

Anyway i did not send FAKE NEWs or a FAKE story. It was the truth

Your forum warning was for trolling spelling errors in people’s posts. This was just gravy. Your post in this thread was off topic, and you didn’t include the pertinent info.

Since the OP has solved his issue, I’ll lock this thread.