E-Licenser Internet Access

Hi, I’m trying to reactive Cubase LE4 after not using it for a while. I’ve installed it on a new computer.

I’ve created a new license number and activation code. When E-Licenser goes to validate the license period, an error message comes up saying that E-Licenser can’t access the internet. I have no internet access issue that I know of given that I’m writing this on line at the moment. It suggests there might be something wrong with my network settings. What could it be?

Please try connecting your computer directly to your cable/DSL modem bypassing the router and temporarily disable any kind of Windows firewall or antivirus programs and retry the license download.

The error could possibly be related to firewalls/routers/proxies blocking the internet access. Please contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to enable these ports in your firewall/router/proxy:

TCP port 8443
Server1 licensetransfer.syncrosoft.com
Server2 licensetransfer.syncrosoft.de

Hope this helps.