E-licenser issue. Reinstall, reactivation doesn't help.

I have a UR 22 mk2 which seemed to be working perfectly on Sunday (I say working perfectly, being new to this I hadn’t actually recorded anything, but the screen was working and I was having a look at it all), but now has stopped working altogether. Every time I click on the Cubase LE AI Elements shortcut on my desktop I get the following message: No valid license found. The programme will quit now. Underneath there are two boxes. One says ‘Quit now’. the other says 'Start License Reactivation. I click on Start License Reactivation. I put my activation code into the box that appears and click on ‘Continue’ only to be told that my elicense was ok all the time. So I press on continue, again to be told that it is out of date. I am just going round in circles with this. Can anyone offer me some advice?


Hi and welcome,

Try to start eLCC application as an administrator and trigger Maintenance. Does it help?

Can you see the license in the eLCC application after this?

Sorry. No, this hasn’t helped. I am still being told that the activation code is unknown. I try to reactivate and it still tells me that the activation code is correct. I try logging on again, only to be told again that it is not correct. I am just going round in circles.


I would recommend to get in contact with official Steinberg Support then.