e-licenser issue

I just received Cubase Elements 8 in the mail . I thought it would have the ELicenser Usb Dongle with it? What is the deal . NO WHERE on the website does it say what is included in the box . The website says will be included with FULL versions . I bought a full version ,what is the story? Can i just use a regular USB Stick and make that my ELicenser ??


Cubase Elements doesn’t come with USB-eLicenser (dongle). Only Full (it means no updates or upgrades) versions of Cubase Artist an Cubase Pro comes with the USB-eLicenser.

If you want to, you can order the USB-eLicenser and transfer your Soft-eLicense of Cubase Elements to this USB-eLicenser. Then you can use your Cubase Elements on more computers. Where is the USB-eLicenser connect, there you can run your Cubase.

No, you can’t use any USB stick. The USB-eLicenser is dedicated device.