e-licenser issue


I’m posting here because I have submitted several help requests through MySteinberg in order to receive a new activation key as the one I have currently is on a misplaced USB e-Licenser. I have yet to hear anything back from the US support folks and am a little frustrated. I have a new, empty, e-licenser that has been registered through MySteinberg (originally I figured I could just switch the key over in MySteinberg but it seems that is not possible). I just need someone from support to help me finish resolving this issue. I even purchased the upgrade to 8.5 in an effort to circumvent needing to wait for support, but the new key will not function without the missing Cubase 6 key.

I live in the USA and there is no phone support number, no e-mail, just a web-form that I can fill out. I know sometimes there is nothing to be done but wait for support, but this seems like such an easy to resolve issue. Cubase is an expensive product, it would be nice if support for this product reflected its price.


Don’t know if it will help you, but have you read this? https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/steinbergzerodowntime.html