E licenser - it's a drag!

Hi. I spent a few hundred $ buying Cubase Essentials 5 and the program works just great. However, I am at the point of chucking it out and grabbing one of the other equaly good DAW’s around. Why? Because the E licenser drives me nuts. I use Cubase both at home and with my laptop, and even though I have attempted to create a system so I always have the dongle where I need it, I have missed out on recording two evenings as I didn’t have it. Also spent 20 minutes looking for the thing this morning - had slipped down the side of the case I carry my audio interface in.
It’s just a pain in the proverbial to the point where I’m starting to check out other software.
I wonder how many other users out there have done the same, or avoided Steinberg because of this?
I would be wrapt if anyone could tell me a legitimate way to run Cubase without the dongle - I do like the program



Seems highly unlikely you will find posters here, that avoided Steinberg…

You’re far from alone I suspect.

My e Licenser is already in two parts, albeit still working - and it’s simply a royal pain swapping it between my macbook pro and iMac. If you forget it for any reason and have travelled - tough!

Bottom line - the upgrade from V5 to V6 is roughly the same cost as a copy of Logic from the App Store - no poncy dongles required.

Decisions, decisions…