e-licenser often doesn't see Halion

Hello fellow Halion-users,

Does anyone recognise this?:
Every now and then (not always) I got a message from Cubase when I open a cpr-file that uses Halion. E-licenser doesn’t see my Halion license. And yes, I do have a license.
When I restart Cubase the problem is gone.

I’ve got the latest versions from Halion, Cubase and e-licenser software. I use an iMac with OSX High Sierra. The dongle is in an usb-port in the back of the computer.

I hope someone knows a solution.

Yes! All the time, can not use Halion at all. OS X Sierra on Mac Pro Late 2013.

Same here :confused: When Cubase is on Halion works but without it, there is often license issue

Me too - not just Halion Standalone (OS X/Catalina) but The Grand also.

Daniel Spreadbury of Steinberg has mentioned repeatedly in the Dorico forum that the older long USB eLicensers don’t always play well with Macs - see, for example, this thread (click)… Several people in the Dorico forum who had these sort of issues with a Mac have found that buying a new USB eLicenser and transferring their licences to it has helped - but there is no guarantee it will work and you have to buy the new eLicenser.

The Steinberg support site has a page on the different generations of USB eLicenser (click).