e-licenser permissions failure on login with artist 8.

i have recently upgraded my pc system to windows 10. when i fire up cubase artist 8 a notification appears saying that the e-licenser doesn’t have enough permissions and instructs me to run LCC to fix the problem. can anyone tell me where to find LCC?

lc :nerd:

Download and install the latest eLicenser version. In the eLicenser Control Center, there is a “Check for updates” option on one of the drop down menus.

thanks for the help.

any advice on this?

after not using my Cubase artist system for a few months I started the set up process. after putting my eLicenser into the usb slot the little red light that usually appears on the little plastic device that I believe to be called the eLicense didn’t appear. now the software is telling me that there is no valid eLicenser installed. It’s preventing me from accessing the software. does this mean the eLicenser is broken and needs replaced? is there a solution to this problem?

ta lc

Go in to the Device Manager and disable your USB controller and then enable it. That worked (works) for me.