e-licenser problem on Cubase Pro 10.0.30

I wonder if anyone can help… Everytime I run Cubase Pro 10 v 10.0.30 I get this message as attached.

Also, I noticed that I have to run e-Licenser as administrator?? I have run maintenance and everything is ok.

Any help would be appreciated…

If you recently updated Windows 10, you may need to re-install e-Licenser using the most recent download. This is what happened to me after the update and re-installation solved the problem.

I have the same problem every day, but Im on an iMac.

I have to move the USB key twice every morning to get Cubase to work.

have you tried to unplug, replug? most the time I had problems with the dongle error I would just nugde the dongle to one side and it would work

Yeah, I unplug but have to replug into a different slot. Usually works after the second move to a different slot.

It is possible that the USB dongle is failing.

Regards. :sunglasses: