e licenser problem

my e licenser on my PC gives me troubles.
I update it and still get this massage.

any ideas?

Have you tried running the eLCC as an Administrator (right click on the program and choose run as Admin) and then running Maintenance within the eLCC.

I have the exact same problem, posted here a week ago.

I tried running it as admin, and in fact it did help! Thanks!
Regarding usability, I don’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t configure the eLicenser shortcut to run as admin all the time. What good does the eLicenser do if it’s not run as admin when it can’t do any maintenance work, which is one of the main reasons to run eLicenser? I was annoyed by this message at every Nuendo start, spent time on the forum, sent a support ticket a week ago, still unanswered. I don’t know why this is so hard to configure the stuff properly so users don’t run into annoying problems like that. And then spitting out strange “altered in an unrecoverable way” warnings, when in fact, you just have to run it as admin. Bad coding that costs users time.

You shouldn’t need to run as Admin to run maintenance, this is not a normal occurrence.
Such instances where you do are most commonly after OS upgrades or other changes to the computer outside of the Steinberg environment.

FWIW, it seems to be occurring more than it used to, particularly with Windows 10 updates. I don’t remember ever having to use this trick until the last year and I’ve had eLicensers since they first changed to them from the old Printer port dongles last century(?).

planarchist is right.

Major Windows OS updates do sometimes adjust/restrict file system permissions for files that are used by the Soft-eLicenser, causing the error message seen by some users.
But this is almost always easily fixed by simply running the latest eLicenser Control installer from the website, as the installer automatically acquires admin permissions and fixes these issues.

So normally, there shouldn’t be the need to use the “run as admin” option for any of the eLicenser Control software.

thnx everyone