E-Licenser still needed for Dorico Pro 4?

Hey all,
with the new licensing system that got introduced with Dorico 4… is the E-Licenser app still needed for those that use only Dorico 4 and no other Steinberg Products?

No: the Steinberg Activation Manager replaces it. I think there is an uninstaller in the eLCC download package.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but:
If you ONLY use Dorico, that’s true. But as soon as you integrate other Steinberg software (Halion…), you will probably need both: the dongle AND the Activation Manager.

The HALion installation that comes with D4 uses the new licensing scheme.

This is Halion Sonic 3 with Dorico-specific sound equipment. I am not sure if additional sounds (e.g. Halion Symphonic Orchestra) work without a dongle…
But: at the latest when Cubase also goes to the next version, THAT should be a more frequently asked question here…

Sounds that load within Dorico 4, using the new HSSE ( can be licensed either with eLC or with Steinberg Licensing - both sets of licenses will be checked. Thus it’s possible to run Dorico 4 without eLC installed at all. Having said that, SDA does install eLC anyway, so for the time being it will still be present for most users.

The Steinberg Download Manager also makes sure the eLicenser is installed and up to date.

Apparently eventually all the Steinberg products will drop the eLicenser, but until then I presume the Download Manager will keep doing that.

I’ve found that I do need the dongle if I want to use Steinberg Virtual Instruments that are licensed separately, but open in HSSE - e.g. Electric Bass, TGuitar, etc. I’d guess/hope this will get sorted once Cubase is updated.

Indeed. Sorry, I should have been clearer. It is technically possible for the new HSSE to handle content that is licensed either in the eLC system or the new Steinberg Licensing system. However, for the time being, the only content licences that have actually been issued to anyone in the Steinberg Licensing system are those that are associated with Dorico 4 (e.g. the HSO content).

Thanks guys. I got rid of the e-licenser now and Dorico with the bundled Halion Symphonic Library still works. Phew :slight_smile: