E-Licenser still not shipping?

Hello all,

I purchased both Cubase Pro 10 (download) and an e-Licenser from Steinberg’s site during the 30th anniversary sale on June 2nd. I understand that orders for the e-licenser would ship during the first week of June due to shortage/demand for it but I have still received no information pertaining to my order. Do they still have a backlog of orders and that’s why it’s taking a longer than usual time to ship, or is something wrong with my order?

I’ve contacted Asknet support three days ago regarding the order and have received no response as of yet (not sure if they’re clogged with tickets as well). Any help would be appreciated as I really want to be able to use the software I purchased. :slight_smile:


I can join this thread - worse still I had one shipped to me, and there was just a delivery note in the package with no dongle or box.

I’ve raised a ticket and had no response - I would appreciate it if someone would get back to me ASAP as im
not impressed with the lack of customer service either.

According to Steinberg support just now - e-licensers are “two weeks out,” and it didn’t sound firm.

Thanks for that insight, Is there an email address for customer services? Pointless raising tickets at AskNet as there’s no response.

I’m not sure Steinberg themselves do any support - it’s all Asknet.

I really wished I would’ve researched that before purchasing. I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger had I known support was through Asknet.

I thought I could wait but the constant “nobody replies” messages are deeply concerning. That’s something I should’ve researched too. I find it disturbing a Steinberg rep can’t be bothered to update the users on their own board either.

I have requested to cancel my order through Asknet. Of course, no answer on the phone so we’ll see if email works. I also submitted a Ticket through Steinberg per their instructions.

My bet is I’ll be forced to cancel with my credit card company.

I really like the software but it’s hard to imagine it being much more difficult for a new user to get into Cubase with the way Steinberg handles things.

I know it is frustrating waiting for a product that is on backorder. But, hang in there. You got a nice deal on the software so the wait will be worth it.

As far as the Asknet and Steinberg support goes… I never had an issue with either. I know this is no comfort to those who are having issues but, again, you will get your dongle… sooner or later.

Regards :sunglasses:

Check this page:“https://nolp.dhl.de/nextt-online-public/report_popup.jsp” and find your shipment with the ID tracking.
If the result of this search is: “The instruction data for this shipment have been provided by the sender to DHL electronically” you have my same problem.
I called DHL and they told me that the package is still in the DHL shipping office in Germany because some information necessary for shipping was missing. DHL told me that the sender has to go to the office to communicate this missing information.

My dongle took 3.5 weeks to arrive. I was expecting 1+ week.

Worth the wait, so far very happy with v10.

Sitting on week 3 now, still no news whatsoever

Got my refund. Only 10 days - better than I thought.

Good luck with Steinberg people.

I’ve still not had any response regarding my issue - that being a box shipped to me with just a shipping note and NO usb dongle - so angry - I cant even be bothered to try and contact support. Wish I had just stayed with Presonus. This customer service is shocking.

Week 4, still no news, anyone knows how I could get a refund for the dongle?

After trying a couple other DAWs I realized I made a mistake and re-purchased CB10 Pro - albeit at full retail.

I decided not to get Wavelab so the sting wasn’t quite as bad. :astonished:

The e-Licenser is definitely frustrating (got mine yesterday) but in the end it’s about what environment is more productive.

Now I just need to finish this plate of Crow. :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for my E-lisencer for over a month now.
zero response from support :frowning:
zero information. when I ordered mine, it said “in stock”…

Hi there

I’ve purchased Cubase 10 pro and an E-lisencer last friday 08.16.19 and really hope it won’t take that long to ship over
Currently theres no reponse from asknet regarding DHL tracking code so can understand how some users might feel.

Hope this all works out well soon for everyone here!

This thread was about the unavailability of USB-eLicensers due to the 30th Anniversary.
That issue is no longer current, locking the thread.

For questions about orders and tracking numbers, please refer to Asknet: