E Licenser still showing a few items that appear not to have been upgraded to Steinberg E Licencing

I was just wondering why the few items at the top of the licence list don’t appear to have been upgraded.
I cannot seem to get an answer from the Steinberg site. I have upgraded and done everything possible in the E Licenser control centre.

Any ideas?



The other products just don’t support the new Steinberg Licensing System. Therefore they are not transferred.

Perhaps Steinberg has no intention of bringing those to the new licensing.

Are they old discontinued products?..or maybe nowadays part of new-version products (don’t know who Cinematique is myself).

Seems SB has announced that everything that was gonna be switched …has been completed.

Maybe an email or phone call to SB will answer whether your dongle-only versions will continue to be dongle-only.

As soon as the software is displayed as “activated” in the Activation Manager, you can ignore the entry in the eLC. This license is then no longer relevant, even if the corresponding note is not displayed explicitly.

Thanks All.
I think I’m good with all that.
Best wishes