E-Licenser version too old for Cubase 11 Activation Code!

Error message :
E-Licenser version too old for Cubase 11 Activation Code !!

However I got the latest e-licenser version installed.

I get this too…
Does it have to do with the eLicenser Server Issues?

Same problem. Waiting…

I have this issue as well.

What is strange is all my previous activation codes were 8 sets of 4 characters.

The new activation code is 5 sets of 5 characters.

I have the latest elicencer and Steinberg download assistant. I can’t activate!

I have the same issue.

Same issue here and I just downloaded and updated the elicencer Control centre… FFS Steinberg.

You have to put this code in the Steinberg Download Assistant (upper left corner). Then you can see the Activation code. First you must download the Download Assistant from your Account. Very complicated…

OK, what I just found out.
If you go to your Steinberg profile on the website. The place where you have all your products and go to Software tab you will find two codes.
Download Access Code - This is the one which is a set of 5x 5 symbols
Activation Code - the 8x 4symbols

The Activation Code is the one you have to use in eLicencer and not the one you have been sent in email after you purchased C11.

But be careful, it still fails to connect to the server.

Great advice Rudal. It worked for me.
Yes it did fail the first time, but I did a recover and all was good.
Must admit SB lack of clear guide lines is frustrating to say the least.

Please read my post here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=307&t=202212

steinbergs posted this…


Yes, their servers are overloaded due to too many activation requests. :imp:
Luckily I got my C11 license activated this morning.

what makes me the most angry is their use of this freaking eLicenser which is still cracked, and we honest users have do deal with this crap.
Look at PreSonus, just a serial number to enter upon the first launch of the updated software.

I wish Steinberg can get over this stupid and shitty dongle system.

Yes! Dongles are so last season! You can get even PT these days without that stupid USB key…

Glad you got your C11 activated. I have mine activated in my account,not on the elicencer as yet

As I thought, the servers are overloaded. But Steinberg knew this launch would be very popular and should have worked out extra capacity in their servers,or something

Just have to be patient for sure. But would imagine there are some users here actually use Cubase in their working day and are really frustrated

Yes, it’s quite disappointing from them to not be prepared for things like this!

Oddly, yesterday when I downloaded the update files for C10.5 to C11 (which are several gigabytes), all went smooth and fast…
Then moments later, when I tried to activate C11, the licensing servers were overloaded and after several attempts I had to give up…

Getting the activation number is confusing. What I got in my email after updating was an activation/download code. After poking around I figured out that I had to paste that code into a box on mysteinberg account and that returned the activation code.

bit late to the party in upgrading but I can confirm that entering the validation code into the Cubase Download Manager does work and yes, it is mighty confusing