I’ve re-installed mr drive c
When i installed cubase 10 the licenser doesn’t recognise it.
The E-Licenser won’t let me type an activation code as it says it is out of date
Is there a way round this so i don’t have to go on the internet ?

I would first simply disconnect then reconnect the USB e-licenser and check for last version of e-licenser.
You might also find usefull tips here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=125991&p=778105#p778105

OK Thanks
I’ll probably spend the rest of life dicking around with it until it worls.

Usually all you have to do is installing the latest eLicenser control software. No typing of any codes necessary. What error message do you get?

If you had activated Cubase before then the license is already on the e-licesner stick; no need to re-activate.


I had to log on the internet in the end.
I think it’s because i originally had 9.5 and then upgraded to 10.
When i tried ti intall 10 straight off the e-licenser didn’t like it.