E licenser

I confess that licenses’ activation procedure is an obscure path for my capacities of understanding.
I am a Dorico 3.5 owner and I just downloaded a Cubase 10.5 trial version.
When I performed license registration for Dorico 2.0 I got wrong and I registered it in the Usb- eLicenser.
As I did not want to use the pen drive but the Soft-eLinceser, I had to ask for help opening a ticket with the Steinberg team to have it moved to the Soft e Licenser.
As I see I am afraid I am running into the same situation.

The e Licenser Control Center of course is able to register my activation code only if I connect the Steinberg Usb eLicenser.
it does not allow me to download the license without.

I am afraid to proceed since I am afraid to get blocked away with the activated license blocked in the Usb e Licenser, as it happened last time.
I don’t remember if beyond the step where I stopped myself (validating the code and downloading the license through the Usb e Licenser) there is a possibility to make a choice along the path. I suppose there is.
My point is I do not want to carry along with me the Usb and I want be able to have only the computer with me, as I do with Dorico.

I understand this looks, and it is, stupid, but I had to open a new ticket which I am eager to cancel if I can get an answer from somebody thorough the forum.


Once again: It is really necessary to post your Cubase Version: Cubase LE, -AI and -Elements run on soft eLicenser and USB eLicenser, Cubase Artist and -Pro run on USB eLicenser only. So check which version yoj are talking about.

Yu are right I should have posted the version I got a Cubase 10.5 Pro Version Trial. So it seems I cannot use without the USB eLicense. Sorry to hear that, but I am going to authenticate the license. Very well! Thank you for your support, I appreciated