"E-Licenses need to be repaired" ??

Started up cubase today and at the splash screen thsi “E-License needs to be repaired” …“the e-locenes have been corrupted” comes up. my studio PC isn’t connected to Interent, so I couldn’t “repair” the licenses.

But cubase seems to work fine (except for glitches/pops/clicks after windows SP1 update).

How in the wprld did this happen and is it worth it to start messing with network settings to hook up internet to my studio pc to ‘repair’ licences?

Plugged usb-e-license into laptop, 'repaired" licences, put it back into studio pc, again upon starting Cubase I get:

“Your system finger point is not valid anymore. the systems hardware configuration has been changed! soft e-licenseor xxx-xxxxxx-xxx and stored licences have been disabled. Hardware e-licecnes are not affected.”

Did you updated eLicenser software in your studio too?

Can you install Cubase in your laptop just to see what happens when you run it?

Another try is to uninstall all elicenser from studio, doing a clean install.

Cubase 6 starts and runs, but with clicks now and than, like I posted here https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24569&p=160718#p160718

I think this might be the cause.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to make internet work on studio pc, since many services are disabled per blackviper mod

btw, on laptop I don’t get an error when starting cubase.

“remove license” is grayed out for all and any license.

The 2 licences that are expired are MP3 encoder and Nuendo trial

But did you updated eLicenser software in your studio too? Just move the new e-licenser file to your studio using a flash drive.

I think you should contact tech support soon as possible, because this is a serious problem!

I don’t how its possible to move it over usb flash drive. I can’t update it thru studio pc because I can’t find out how to make internet work.

The message quoted above is about soft E-licenses. That’s why Cubase is not affected. You should get the E-licenser software updated by downloading the installer file and get that to the studio PC on flash USB, like Makumbaria suggested. Then see if your soft E-licenses are still valid (it seems not), and go from there.

You don´t need internet connection in the studio PC.

Go here using another computer:


Download this file.

Install on the connected computer. Plug in your dongle when asked by installer. Run elicenser control center and click on maintenance. Wait and see if everything is ok.

Now copy this file to a flash drive and move it to your studio PC. Now run the file (internet is not required). Plug in your dongle when asked by installer.

I have a different elicenser-related question. I searched for past threads but elicenser is too common of a word in the database to be searched.

my elicenser dongle and software are working fine. my only issue is my computer does not give me the option to eject the usb device. if I open up the control panel, it shows up in devices. but if I try to do the usual procedure for ejecting usb devices, it does not show up. does anyone know how to do this without having to shut down the computer? thanks for any info.

AFAIK you don’t need to “eject” the USB e-licenser.

Just make sure that nothing is accessing it before you pull it out (ie make sure that Cubase and e-licenser control center aren’t running).