e-licensor - please sort it!

I am so frustrated with this stupid e licensor problem that, despite following all the advice from tech support and downloading the “assistant” (why would you need such a thing if the licensor app itself worked?).

Please tell me that Steinberg are moving to a more reliable and professional solution such as the Waves system where I can authorise whichever computer I’m working on, or even just keep it in the cloud for when I’m travelling.

I’ve been working on my Macbook Pro for weeks on a few scores and now moving into the studio I’ve had to re-start Dorico several times as all the error messages about “no goto find” or something, “not authorised” etc etc came again and again.

Sorry if this post is a little wired - I don’t expect to have to spend 15 minutes getting the software I’ve been working on for weeks working on another system and yes of course I’ve plugged the dongle in! Nothing like a pile of error messages to break the creativity flow…



There’s a team at Steinberg working on a replacement solution, but it’s apparently a long process.