E-Licensor problem

Hey All,

I have a problem with Cubase 6 and 5 32 bit since I’ve migrated to Win 7. When I start Cubase up for the first time it loads no problem. If I shut it down and then execute it again, I have problems getting past the Licencing stage, Cubase just freezes.

I’ve worked out that if I remove the dongle and then reconnect it I can then restart Cubase without any problems.

This issue has only started since I’ve gone to Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit, I never struck the problem when I was using XP.

I’ve installed the latest E-Licence update as well.

Is this a known problem with Win 7 or does anyone know how I can rectify this?


Looks very similar to this here:

Luck, Arjan

Thanks… yes exact same issue but the only way to resolve it on my box is to remove the dongle and then re-insert it… easy enough to do but a pita!

It takes me 3 days to reinstall everything if I go back to the start ( 2 days for a ghosted image), so I’m not prepared to do that unless I really have to. :unamused:

Try installing the latest eLCC.

The OP already reported that “I’ve installed the latest E-Licence update as well”


Please be sure that you have installed the latest chipset drivers for your mainboard, disabled all kind of OC and power saving options.



Have already done so… it’s a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3R-B3 with latest BIOS and drivers.