E lisencer

I am very much a beginner so forgive me if the question is very basic.
About 5 years ago I bought a UR28M that I haven’t been using before today.
I found the CDs with Cubase 6 AI and also some tools for the UR 28 M that I installed. During that installation I was prompted to install some Elicensing software and I saw it had something to do with a USB dongle.
I could vaguely remember I was using one like that in the past when I had a Yamaha N12 with Cubase 5. And I still had that dongle. So I put it in the PC but when starting up Cubase I got a lot of error messages for missing licenses.
I then tried to create a Steinberg account and register my Cubase 6 AI on the elicensing dongle but it was already registered on another user?
Do I need the elicenser if I buy a new version of Cubase too?