Each Sampler Track, should retain and remember how the user zoomed into it

I already put this in feature suggesstions, but it’s such a basic common sense and incredibly annoying, that I figured it should be here in issues.

If you’ve sliced a snare sample in a entire 5 minute song, create a sampler track. - it shows the entire song in the sampler track instead of just the part i’ve sampled.

So just right here, this should already be fixed. It should show just the snare sample zoomed in to maybe %75 so I can still see a bit of the rest of the song that surrounds that snare so that I can make adjustments to start/end.

But, as it is now, if you zoom in to the sample and then select a different track, and then go back to that sampler track… it has zoomed allllllll the way back out again.

Obviously this is resolved by shortening length or only taking the specific sample, but, sometimes I don’t want to take the time to be that precise.


To the Sampler Track you load the whole Audio file, not just the snippet you have created. To load just the snippet, Bounce the selection first, and then load this bounced file to the Sampler Track.

Yes I know, either way though, it should remember the zoom.


I see.

Zoom is a global value in general.

Except for instance, how we have two project sections now with the track separator, so this area should probably be separate as well.

And even maybe an option to turn on to be remember zoom per event.