Each time I open project this appear

Each time I open project this appear

Input and output Chanel folder with a sub stereo out!!


So you can use automation.

I don’t need it right now. How can I get rid of it as a default?

Create a template…

This is actuality a template i already make it but the cubase is adding that folder each time!

Try this
Right click on the folder (Not the track) to remove it
Save as a new template


I’ve got the same issue.

No matter what I do, hiding the track using visibility options, it always reappears when I start a new project from the template.

The only way around it is to hide ‘other tracks’, but that means hiding other tracks that I actually need.

Yes, it adds it back to the Template even if deleted. If you hide it and re-save the Template it won’t be visible next time you use the Template to start a Project.

…that’s strange. Hiding it works for me, just checked.

(Just right-clicked, Hide Selected Track, re saved Template and it doesn’t show next time.)

Yup it’s odd, it’s the only track that behaves this way. I’ve tried hiding it individually and as part of a bigger visibility preset, but no matter what I do it pops up again when I fire up the template!

…hmmm, odd indeed.
I’ve not completely re-booted but I have shutdown and re-started Cubase and it hasn’t reappeared yet! It’s not something I’d tried before I’ve been happy just closing the folder and putting down the bottom of my template.

:frowning:… Now what

All you need to do is just write some automation on the master output track and I’ll show up again

Now what, what?

Are you still not able to have it hidden or do you, as digitalson thinks, have it successfully hidden but want to have it showing again?
I suspect the former but it’s not clear…