Eager to hear from 8.2 Mac users about GUI!

Great to see 8.2 is out and that it encompasses the great new features of Cubase 9.5. Awesome work, Steinberg.

I’m very eager to know if the GUI issue on Macs has been addressed fully in it – in the latest version of Cubase 9.5, it is not yet (a few improvements but still huge amounts of lag in some key areas, audio dropouts with certain windows, etc.). I am so very much hoping that it is, so I can pay to upgrade to Nuendo and stay in Cubendo land. :slight_smile:



Really! And you were having issues before? Is it smooth and quick like other DAWs on your system (if you have them/use them) in all areas such as scrolling through the mixer, no dropouts when opening MIDI piano roll editors in a big project, etc.? If so that is amazing news and I’ll check out the trial as soon as its up (is 8.2 available as a trial yet?).

I’ve only time to open a mix project from today made with 8.1 into 8.2. Zoom in project window is much, much better. Meters look like run smoother than 8.1.
I’ve no tested deeply but GUI transmits the sense that all runs quicker.

It’s about as good as C9.5, maybe a little better in some ways. There is still a lot of room for improvement and I sincerely hope it’s on the front burner for Steinberg. I’ll continue with the trial and decide if it can slow down my migration in the meantime.

8.2 has been snappy here, a clear improvement over the last version that has been better than the version before (that was impossible work with on my machines)
Initial tests indicate 8.2 has solved the gui problems.

For me it’s better but not solved (i.e. jerky mix console horizontal scrolling, dropouts on heavy CPU sessions when opening up MIDI piano tool editor, etc., are still issues). I remember a mod on the Cubase forum saying it’s a continuing work-in-progress, but good to see it’s slowly being improved.