Eagle -> Valuebox -> linked ?


When i put 2 “valueboxes” from the Eagle controls browser into the macropage and change one of them so that one has the text above the box and one has the text below the box this does not work…
It seems they somehow “link” and if i change the position of the label on one of the boxes, the other box mimics its behaviour and copies the position…

Is there a way to unlink them so that i can have two boxes- one label above, one label below?


Edit: it seems this happens with other objects too… They all seem to link up and one can not individualize them…

Hi ggc,

that’s the advantage of a template-driven system :wink:
But of course you can individualize the templates. Simply create a duplicate of the template (in the template list), name it accordingly, for example “Text_LabelBelow”. Then edit the template, move the components to the desired positions. Leave the edit mode. Ready.
Now you can use both templates on your macro page.

nice one, thanks=)