Eardrum Health

Twice today I have had my eardrums wrecked and the only common denominator was Cubasis on iOS. First time connected to Scarlet i2i and my closed back headphones. Second time, to studio monitors connected to an IK Multimedia iRig Keys. It’s a HORRIBLE sound that is so startling you’re thinking “what have I done” and then “what should I do!!!” Take off the headphones for one thing! But when the sound of an alien invasion fills the room, it’s even more scary.

They both happened when I was playing back 1 track of vocals on Solo. Does anyone know how to keep this from happening? I don’t think my ears or heart can handle it again.

Hi @mchopkins,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry to read that you seem to have issues using Cubasis!

Do you have further information or the exact steps to reproduce the problem, to allow our engineers to evaluate the issue?

Thank you
& stay well,

Hi Lars,

I was on battery power, editing vocals on one track in solo mode. iPad Pro 2018. Software all updated.

Literally nothing else to report. Other than my ears are still hurting from this loud feedback.

It seems like Cubasis has so much potential but with so many bugs, very very inhibitive to music making process.

This issue persists. It is now a literal explosion of static with no warning. It’s going to ruin my monitors and my ears and possibly cause cardiac arrest at this stage in the game.

Cubasis is the most ridiculous app I’ve ever used, and not in a good way! I quit the app and the sound continued to play. Thank god I was able to shut down the iPad because that’s what it took to get the music to stop playing once the static explosion ended!

Hi @mchopkins,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry to read about your issues with Cubasis.
We do our best to resolve as many as possible user-reported issues on a regular basis.

If possible, please let us know the steps to reproduce the problems.
Once known, there is a good chance to see them resolved by our engineers.

In regards to stocked MIDI notes, simply open the “Routing” tap of a MIDI track in the inspector to the left and tap the “MIDI Panic” button.

Thanks again,