Early adopter THR10 limited time use of LE AI Elements 6?

I purchased the Yamaha THR10 some time ago and downloaded and installed LE AI Elements 6.
However, my interest at the time was to just use the amp for practicing, for that it works out quite well.

I tried this weekend to launch LE AI elements after a long period of inactivity and the eLicenser tells me that the license expired Sep2012.
I notice that there were 281 starts remaining as shown by the eLicenser.

Is there any benefit to still having the THR10 and getting a new licence for the full product… like discount of any sorts.
Is there any way to get use of the LE AI elements for more trial time?

Thank you,


You can activate it via a “mysteinberg account” and the activation code you got with it, to use it as full unlimited version

Figured it out.

Just needed to register the AI6 software with MySteinberg account while THR10 is connected to computer, and it created an activation code.
Sweet, now I just need time to figure the software out.

Thank you for your support.