Early LE 1.0.8 freezes on installation

My early Cubase LE 1.0.8 was bundled with an Alesis Multimix8 Firewire sound mixer. Using the installation CD the Firewire software downloaded okay onto my Windows XP laptop but cubase 80% installs before repeatedly freezing when reaching: Skipping Fonts\stein.ttf_ Surfing the net has show a few people have suffered the same problem in the past but no proper solutions given. Software downloaded okay on previous PCs but not my replacement laptop. I know it’s an old cubase version but my recordings are simply voice and acoustic instrument. Help appreciated.

Do you mean Cubase SE 1.0.8?

See if you can install it on a different XP computer, and then just copy the “Program Files\Steinberg” folder across to the new laptop. You may need to install the latest version of the eLicenser that will work on XP, which is, available here.

By this point, Steinberg will have discontinued support for that version, and as it was a bundled product, you should try contacting Alesis if all else fails.

Thanks Mr Soundman for prompt reply. Will look into your suggestion however, my cubase is not SE but definitely LE (light edition). I got it about 7 years ago.