Early meters in Slate VMR

Bizarre issue since 12.0.30 - the VU meters in Slate VMR Trimmer and Console are completely out of time with the audio signal. The crazy part is that it’s early, not late. Even if I suspend all inserts across the project. I couldn’t believe it - I thought I was watching a different channel. I’ve reported this to Slate. Is there perhaps a simple answer for this? I’ve never seen it before and I don’t change compensation settings, but any clues, please advise. Thanks.


This might be related to the delay compensation. Cubase automatically compensate the plug-ins delay. So if any track contains a plug-in with large delay, the track becomes processed earlier (sooner) to make sure, the signal is in sync with the other tracks after the processing.

Could you confirm the meters are in sync on the tracks without (other) plug-ins and the meters are shifted on the tracks with heavy plug-ins? Of course, the Slate VMR itself would need to work completely in real-time (no latency/delay at all). Otherwise even this plug-in shifts the given track.