Early Music

I produce editions of medieval and renaissance music and want to know what features Dorico will have to enable me to produce reliable transcriptions. So, incipit, stave, clef and time signatures and the ability to intabulate on 4 - 10 course staves for lutes and other renaissance strings would be very useful. Also ficta and chant notations would be great to have.

Dorico will not have a huge number of features dedicated to early music in its first version, I’m afraid. No tablature support at all (though this will come as quickly as we can implement it), and no specific chant support, though it is easy to create bars of flexible lengths as is often required in unmeasured chant music. Incipits, prefatory staves, and ficta are also not currently supported, but they are all on our roadmap for the future.

Do you have a rough schedule for the inclusion of ficta, incipit/prefatory measures. sesquialtera, etc…
Making performance editions without such devices isn’t an option.

I’m afraid not at this stage, CarloGesualdo, though we do intend to support all of these in due course.

Thank you for keeping us informed. I will be waiting enthusiastically for their inclusion. :slight_smile:

@Daniel: since as you said chant and early notation are not in Dorico’s current scope, I hope you’ll forgive me for advertising an upcoming solution running on “Software notation B”. If you don’t, just spam this message!

So to all: I’m currently wrapping up “Medieval 2”, a comprehensive, professional solution that works within MakeMusic’s Finale (including a plugin, fonts, and other components).
For those who knew the now discontinued Medieval 1, version 2 had been on the drawing board for years, but now it is getting real!
January 2017 is a reasonable guess for the release of Medieval 2.0, which includes so many new features and improvements. The whole thing is documented in 4 languages (English, French, German, Italian), and there are 5 languages available for the user interface - including Latin!


I guess they had interest in releasing their work “before” Dorico deals with these notations :wink: Otherwise they could lose some sells !

I have to stay with Finale now that there’s a plug-in with a Latin interface!