Early Review and Opinions

For those early adopters, please give us the benefit of your opinions.
In the looong time between GA2 and 4, I have purchased EZ drummer; does GA4 add anything to the arsenal not achievable with GA4SE + EZdrummer?

I own both GA 4 and ED2. I’ve noticed GA4 uses twice the CPU resources as ED2 when loading and running the same kind of patterns and kits

I have the UR44 and installed Groove Agent 4 and when attempting to play live bass my input monitoring button stops working. I have no control inside of Cubase 7.5.20 when i run Groove Agent 4

Ok so I’ve been doing an A vs B vs C vs D with Easy Drummer…Superior Drummer…. GA4 and GA 3. Primarily focusing on the sounds of the kits and tweaking using mixer presets and individual drum modifications. Although the new sampled drum sounds are much better than GA 3. (theres more definition and character in the samples themselves) however for my ears I’m not finding they are better than both Superior Drummer and Easy Drummer drum samples and lack definition especially in the kick drums and lack a finesse in the ride cymbals as well. These are my preliminary findings. I’d be interested in what others have to say on this. :slight_smile:

On another note…the functionality is very good with using the pads…and the drag and drop feature is great!

Seems to use a fair amount of CPU though.

GA4 locks up my computer time to time, and often says to disable plugins If I want to load a pattern.

The “complexity” feature is the only thing better in GA4 than ez D2 but it is awkward and complex to use. GA3 was much more fun to play with. Also GA4 took away jazz, blues and Funk styles. I have requested a refund and will wait to see if they ever deliver solutions to these issues.

I like jamming with GA3, especially for Jazz Blues or Standards. But I also like the ability to build song structures for composing or getting more detailed about the drum part. GA4 seems to deliver those compositional features but no jazz loops, for jamming its to complicated to be spontaneous.

I waited a long time for GA4 to hopefully bring both jamming abilities and compositional functions, but it seems to have been a let down on both fronts.


It is difficult to compare EzDrummer and GA4 as they are not 100% similar software. GA4 is much more a loop player and EzDrummer is a versatile drummer software, although GA has taken a huge step towards being a drummer software from GA3.

The pre-programable PADs in GA4 with pre defined loops that can be changed live in complexity is not in EzDrummer. The MIDI loop builder in EZ Drummer is perhaps a little similar to GA PADs, but GA 4 has, with key triggering and complexity slider, much more variety. On the other side is EzDrummer much more friendly when it comes to monitoring and browsing MIDI file. The file system in EZ drummer (or Superior Drummer) is far far far better than the cumbersome media bay/browser of GA4.

When it comes to sound I like the sound of the Rock Kit and the Vintage Kit in GA4, I still find the sounds in Toontracks Ez and Superior better, especially after the right compression and reverb.

I have a couple of questions on GA4 that I will address in another topic.

Thanks - I actually forgot that I posted this topic, I believe a demo was made available round this time which I promptly downloaded to form my own ideas…

By and large I agree with your sentiments… to the point where I have now uninstalled GA4. :neutral_face: