Early21 Aurora Borealis Garnet Lake

Lovely piece, love the transitions…changing moods can often fall flat but works perfectly here., very atmospheric.
Never seen the aurora but imagine this fitting well.
Nice one.

Nic, thanks for the comments!. I’ve only ever seen the Aurora Borealis once and never again. Apparently it was a year when a lot of sunspot activity caused it to show up much farther south than it otherwise does. I was sitting on a dock on a quiet lake probably around 10PM, maybe I had had a glass of wine or two.

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This sounds fantastic, I can see those lights swaying in the sky while listening to this, a video would be cool, the strings sound excellent, do you prog them or play on keyboard? Really cool Early, had a liten to CO2 Equilibrium too, great stuff, very cool mixes and playing.

I just read above re the strings etc…very cool.

Hi deangersmith, appreciate your feedback! I completely agree with you; I wish I knew how to make videos.

Well, I’ve been meaning to listen to this one for oh, well … you know, a couple of months? I just hate to listen to things unless I’m in the proper state of mind and on the proper equipment. Anyway …

This is way above my skill level, so I will just say that I’m very impressed!

Cool stuff, Leon.

Hey Scab, hope you don’t wait so long to react in the future. I never know what’s coming next. Sometimes it’s a year or more before I think I have something worth listening to. I am usually stuck in how to make a transition from one idea to another. Thank goodness I haven’t tried to make a living at this.

Anyway, I’m very happy you listened!

Beautiful and evocative composition and performance. Nice recording too. Your presentation of the music and choice of instruments and sounds is lovely.

Hi Swetch, glad you like it!