Earphones problem

Hello forum,
i have problem with earphones, simply cable one.
Every other source (vlc, youtube, itunes) play the sound correctly, only dorico stay silent.
The only thing i could get sometimes, randomly, it is the sound from the speaker.
I am running dorico 2.2 on mac 10.14 ( i just updated to majeve hoping was able to solve the problem that i have found with high sierra, but it didn’t help).
This is what i have
Thank you

If you go to Edit > Device Setup, what ASIO driver is chosen in Dorico?

Also, do you use a fairly new Mac? If so, please have a look at following knowledgebase article and see if that might help: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360000931359-Mac-Unable-to-switch-between-speaker-and-headphone-outputs

the driver is " audio integrato" which means “built-in” and there are no other available.
yes is new mac book pro bought in late august.

Anyway i followed your advice and now it works, thank you very much!