Earphones problems connected through Steinberg Cl1 to MAC

I have some problems with my earphones. I have a Supreme condensor microphone Cu-1. Whenever i try to record or speak through the microphone, I will only be able to hear it from the right earphone and not on the left. But whenever i listen to music it works fine on the both sides. and i also tried other earphones and it still the same. Why can’t I hear my voice on the left earphone, but i can hear myself clear on the right earphone? Can someone help me? I checked the MIDI-settings to my MAC. I mostly tried to adjust some of the settings in hoping that maybe i would find the problem via there, but no…

USB Audio interface: Steinberg Cl1
Microphone: Supreme condensor microphone Cu-1. XLR cable.

Thanks in advance!

Is the mono button on the interface depressed?
If it’s not, then input 2 will feed only the right channel (assuming you’re using input 2).
Depressing this button will set the inputs to function (for monitoring only) as mono inputs, not a stereo pair.

Yes, the mono is ON. Even if its ON or OFF I can see that the "right"channel is the only one working.

Try to put your mic in input one, and activate the MONO button.

I say this because I just bought the Ci1 and had sort of the same thing. I plugged in my bassguitar in th HiZ input 1, but I only heared one side of the headphones. When I pressed mono, its ok :slight_smile: