Ease of installing Dorico SE

Yesterday I helped a friend with (fixing some email problems and) his ancient notation program (and I am not talking about Sibelius or Finale). I recommended a switch to a more up to date software and suggested to try musescore and Dorico SE so he could evaluate his preferences.
As we were connected via teamviewer I also helped him to install the two options.

Musescore we downloaded, double clicked the installer and dragged the application to the Program folder.

For Dorico SE it was less straightforward. The first challenge was to locate the Dorico SE version on the Steinberg site. After we spotted the download button, we had to setup a MySteinberg account. Then we would have to wait for an email to get an actual download link - luckily we had fixed his email issues beforehand -. After downloading the Steinberg Download Assistant installer and installing it we had to give rights to the OS to allow the app to work. Then the Steinberg Download Assistant started updating itself to a newer version. After that we were able to download the Dorico SE 3.5 installer, the Dorico SE 3.5.12 updater installer and the Halion SE sound installers . After that … let me leave this here … there were at least 5 more steps from here to the final instalment and putting the activation code from another email into the elicenser application. As this email did not seem to have arrived we had to initiate this process for two or three more times until an activation email had arrived.
The whole thing took probably 20 minutes all in all, enough to put a possible new user off the software. This is too complicated and not trivial at all. I would wish there could be a straightforward possibility, at least for the SE version.

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Of course I agree completely with what you’re saying. I am hopeful that in the future, when we have our new license management system in place, we can streamline the download, installation and activation process for Dorico SE.