easier and faster search

Hey all,
Wouldn’t it be easier to just type erase and get all the options instead of choosing the category first and then search for erasing?
in this example for example it would be easier to search for “erase” and dorico give me all the options.

I also support a global search. Much like when filtering for key commands. Sometimes I don’t know in which category lies what I’m looking for, since sometimes it can be ambiguous or I just don’t remember where.

I’d support that.


I have noticed a few terms I’ve tried haven’t popped up with the search function (but they are terms used in the panel). I imagine this all comes down to proper indexing and I also imagine it will get better with time, once the feature can be more fully fleshed out.

Yes absolutely :slight_smile:

I concur! Highly supported!

For non-native English speakers a overall search would be very welcome. Because sometimes I can name what I’m looking for, but I find it hard to remember the category in English where I should look. So it’s a definitiv support from my side!

There are good if boring technical reasons for the way it works at present. I agree that a global search would be more useful, but it’s not something I would expect us to be working on imminently.

Thank you very much for the answer. It is always good to know that a request/question is in good hands.