Easier duplication request for clicks

It would be even faster, that once you already have some score laid out that you could click on a nearby note and turn it into that duration. (at least for those who click notes in)

For instance, after just putting a whole note, if I know I want some 8th notes , I click on the nearest 8th note in the score and the cursor now reflects 8th notes. Then you just put it on whatever staff line you want.

It already works like that! Click a note (the duration is selected). Shift-N to open the caret. Move to where you want your new notes and click away! Obviously this only works for duration before pitch

You can click durations in the Notes panel on the left of the window.

I must be doing something wrong then, because when I position the caret anywhere besides the next note, it doesn’t work.

Indeed you can, but I often close the left panel to increase the amount of score showing, and I have brain fades trying to remember the number for a semi-quaver, so clicking a note is just fine for me.

Here are the steps in the manual for note input. You may also find this video helpful:

I didn’t see what I was trying to convey in the video.

Literally, you click on a note and then you click some other part of of score and the note appears. TWO MOUSE CLICKS. That’s it. Nothing else, no shifts, no keyboard involved. Of course when you move it, you can set it on a different part of the staff but it stays a semiquaver or whatever it was in the initial click.

Or perhaps a way to describe in Dorico. One mouse click to highlight the note in Dorico. Move to any part of the visible score and mouse click one more time. That’s all.

These days mice typically only have two buttons. The left click is for selecting and the right click is for the context menu (in Dorico at least), so I can’t see how this could ever be possible without either engaging some mode or holding down a modifier key.

You can already select a single note, hold down the Alt key and click it to another position to copy and paste the note. You can’t currently repitch it with another click.

Hi pianoleo, only because I did that in a midi program did I think of it. Left button both times.

I totally understand we have a load of different shortcut keys already. But I figured it was worth suggesting.

How would Dorico differentiate between clicking to select a note and clicking to copy it elsewhere?

Not a programmer :slightly_smiling_face: but, in the program I’m talking about left click makes a copy only in the memory. When you move it to another place you click and it lays a copy from the memory. In fact, you can keep making the same copies on different pitches.

To make a quarter note a whole note, you hold the left cursor down on the quarter note and drag right. To make it an eighth you do the same and drag left, The right mouse click deletes the note or mutes it depending on the double or single click.